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    Teen Counseling

    Is Your Teen Struggling With Their Mental Health?

    Boy sitting in grassAre they isolating more and shutting other people out of their life? Is there a disconnect in your relationship with them? Do you think they might be suffering from anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem?

    Maybe you’ve tried to help them numerous times, but they don’t want to talk to you. Every conversation with them goes nowhere or ends in a shouting match. They might be tired, withdrawn, irritable, and struggling with poor eating and sleeping habits. As a result, you might find yourself considering a teen therapist.

    Your Teen May Be Feeling Intense Pressure From Friends, Family, And School

    Perhaps they feel split between too many demands and responsibilities. They face pressure to fit in, get good grades, and figure out what they want to do in life. Additionally, they might be wrestling with questions about their gender and sexual orientation. Deep down, maybe they’re just not sure who they are yet.

    Counseling with Fearlessly Inspired Therapeutic Solutions is a chance for your teen to dig deeper and get in touch with their true identity. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for you to learn new ways to support them and be a source of refuge in their life.

    Social Media Has Made Being A Teenager Extra Stressful

    Woman standing near trees on her phoneIt’s normal for teens to feel intense pressure to succeed in life. Their expectations are often too high and many of them don’t have the tools to manage their stress.

    What’s more, today’s teens face incredible pressure to keep up with what’s portrayed on social media. They feel like they need to dress a certain way, stay on top of all the latest trends, and have the most friends and followers.

    Teen girls, especially, are bombarded by unhealthy beauty standards. They see the body types worshipped on Instagram and Tik Tok and worry that they’re not beautiful enough by comparison. As a result, they often suffer from negative body-image.

    Parenting A Teen Is Not Easy, Especially When They’re Struggling

    After all, teens are starting to come into their own and become more independent. It’s easy enough to recognize this fact, but it’s hard to know how to practically navigate your teen’s newfound independence. Your teen wants boundaries, but when they’re struggling, what should you do? Should you get involved or give them space?

    These aren’t questions with easy answers. But with the help of a therapist, you can figure out how to support your teen in a way that’s balanced and benefits the wellness of you both.

    Counseling Provides A Safe, Calming Space For Teens To Express Themselves

    Girl leaning on wall smiling holding an ipadTeens often hold back around adults because they don’t like being told what to do. That’s why therapy is so valuable. It’s a chance to talk with someone who’s compassionate, trustworthy, and nonjudgmental—someone who will support them instead of correcting them.

    At Fearlessly Inspired Therapeutic Solutions, we’re here to empower your teen. We’ll create a calming environment where they can express their feelings and explore their experiences freely and openly. We want to help them find the answers that are already inside them and come up with solutions uniquely suited to their situation.

    What To Expect In Teenage Therapy Sessions

    Generally speaking, we’ll meet with you and your teen together in the first session so that we can hear both of your perspectives and discuss confidentiality. From there, we’ll start meeting with your teen individually. We’ll help them boost their confidence, learn new social and academic skills, and develop a deeper awareness of who they are. The ultimate goal is to help them attain a new way of viewing themselves and the world around them.

    Although sessions with your teen are confidential, we still want to keep you in the loop regarding their progress. From time to time, we can check in with you to discuss your concerns and give you parenting skills to use in everyday life.

    Our Approach To Teen Therapy

    Every teen is different, so counseling looks different for every teen. That said, we place a high value on self-expression. We want to incorporate what your teen enjoys into sessions. If your teen is artistic, we encourage them to use their art to express themselves in therapy. One of our counselors, Dr. Laryssa Creswell, is a licensed music therapist, so teens are welcome to bring music into the healing process.

    Above all, we’re here to be your teen’s advocate. We want to help them get to know their needs and teach them to ask for what they want confidently and fearlessly. Along the way, we want to equip you with the skills to support them and help them become their best selves.

    You May Have Some Questions And Concerns About Teen Counseling…

    What if my teen doesn’t want to talk?

    This is where the value of creativity comes in. If your teen has a hard time opening up, they’re welcome to use games, art, music, or other means of self-expression in counseling. We’re here for them—that means meeting them on their own level. Lots of teens are on the shyer side, and that’s okay. There’s no pressure to open up right away. In our experience, we generally find that even the quietest of teens eventually come to enjoy themselves here and feel comfortable expressing their feelings.

    Do you work with LGBTQ+ Teens?

    Yes, we do! We’re here to honor each teen’s unique identity. Our practice is very passionate about counseling LGBTQ youth and helping them explore their gender and sexuality.

    Will all of my teen’s sessions be private?

    Yes, counseling with us is 100-percent confidential (except in the case of safety concerns). For teens to successfully work through their emotional challenges, they need to feel comfortable being honest. And for that to happen, they need a safe space where they can share their thoughts without fear of someone else knowing what they say.

    Let Us Help Your Teen Live Confidently And Fearlessly

    Being a teenager these days is hard. Amidst all the conflicting messages they receive, we’re here to support your teen unconditionally and help them feel confident in who they are. To speak with a teen therapist, use the contact form or call 301-679-7753.