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Depression Therapy for Women & Teen Girls

Boost your mood, improve self-esteem, and manage depression fearlessly.

Regain Control

Improve Self-Esteem

Experience Healing

How long have you felt?

No Interest In Hobbies and Passions

Not feeling Good About Who You Are

Hopeless About The Future

Isolating From Friends and Family

We help you break the hold that depression has on your life and manage it fearlessly.

Depression Therapy Is:

The Beginning of Your Healing Journey

We will help you set a path to healing from trauma and depression and unlock a brighter future.

A Bridge to Connection

We will help you develop stronger relationships, fostering a sense of belonging and support that is crucial for healing.

A Beacon of Hope

We provide a personalized roadmap for improvement, reigniting your motivation and passion for life.

How Depression Therapy Works:

Getting Started With Counseling Is Simple

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Why Clients Choose Fearlessly Inspired

We Provide Therapy For

Decreased Motivation

Social Withdrawal

Changes In Appetite

Unexplained Pains

Decreased Energy


Irritability & Anger

Loss of Interest


Loss of Identity

Negative Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts

Grief & Loss

Gender Identity

Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

Feelings of Isolation or Loneliness

Childhood Abuse



Unhealthy Relationship Patterns


Victims of Assault

Sleep Disturbance

Negative Body Image

Depression Therapy FAQ’s

What can I expect in a Depression Therapy Session?

Our approach to therapy is both very practical and focused on deeper healing. We’ll give you coping skills for regulating your symptoms, but we also want to help you get to the bottom of your depression. Sometimes this might mean exploring past trauma or negative relationships that are connected to your present struggles.

We like to use a lot of mindfulness and CBT skills for clients with depression. Mindfulness can help you overcome brain fog and see your situation with greater clarity. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) works in a similar way, addressing the negative thoughts that fuel your depression. By challenging how you think about yourself and your life, you can achieve a clearer perspective and improve your self-esteem.

Our practice also uses Polyvagal Theory, which looks at how depression impacts different parts of your nervous system. For example, if you tend to “shut down” when you’re depressed, your therapist can show you which part of your nervous system is affected when that happens. They can help you come up with strategies to strengthen that part of the nervous system and recognize your own signs of a shutdown occurring.

With our support, we are confident that you can decrease your symptoms and start to regain control of your life. Depression is incredibly hard, but it’s also highly treatable and there are numerous approaches we can use to help you regulate it.

My depression isn’t that bad, so why should I seek therapy?

The sooner you address your symptoms, the sooner you’ll get relief. A counselor can help you avoid going into darker places and make sure depression stays at a manageable level. 

What’s more, you don’t have to be at your lowest to benefit from depression therapy. It’s a chance to explore yourself on a deeper level, and doing this can positively impact you no matter where you are in life.

What if talking about my depression makes it worse?

Talking about your feelings can help you take the weight off your chest. It enables you to increase your self-awareness and function with greater clarity. 

And if you ever find that your symptoms intensify during sessions, we can slow down and work on helping you stay grounded. After all, we always strive to go at a pace that’s right for you.

Will I need medication?

Taking anti-depressants is always your choice. Sometimes people benefit from a combination of therapy and medication; for others, therapy is effective enough on its own. 

If you do decide to try medication, your therapist can connect you with a prescriber or help you collaborate with your doctor. And if you’re interested, they can also recommend alternative practices like acupressure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and wholeheartedly support women and teenage girls on their path to discovering and reaching their highest potential. We are committed to empowering them to live and thrive fearlessly, while promoting post-traumatic growth.