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  • Ebony

    Ebony is a Licensed Master of Social Work with advanced training in Mental Health. She is committed to maintaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive practice, which serves individuals of all identities and orientations. Ebony has a particular niche when building trust and developing therapeutic alliances with children and teens but is well versed in providing intervention for clients in all phases of life.

    Her clients are often challenged with navigating anxiety, depression, work-life balance and establishing boundaries for themselves within their various roles and relationships. Ebony’s approach is an integrated approach that combines Cognitive Behavioral and Humanistic therapeutic techniques. She is passionate about her client’s achieving self-actualization. Ebony’s style is interactive, progressive and seeks to assist clients in realizing their true potential.

    Ebony is extremely dedicated to helping clients develop a sense of purpose and sustain their wellbeing. Ebony believes in giving homework to promote critical thinking and application of techniques utilized in session. Additionally, as a trauma-informed therapist, Ebony is sensitive to the impact of past experiences on the present and works with the client to develop effective coping habits that will serve them in the future.

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